The Fall of 2010

October 31, 2012

Hammering upon the trampled,

and folding submissively into

a mess of something sour,

and then oxidizing.

Celestial and spread legged,

while poking my will into the sun


I say:

Leave the glee for the gleeful,

and give me something to sleep on.


A Bitter Contender: That’s what I am.

File:Death of Marat by David.jpg


If our teeth had babies,
———-oh they would be
perfect little creatures

They would reflect moonlight,
———-and be the gate keepers
for rotund little voices

Perfectly packed into the mouth,
———-of a tenacious beast
what beautiful little monsters,

they would be.

Edward Wolfgang Munster


October 23, 2012

Cuando nos despertarse,

Casate conmigo

En la manana
me ducho

En la manana
me peino el pelo

En la manana
yo seco la sangre

Poque en la manana,
soy orgullo y abierto,

y vacio.

Que soy un hombre vacio.


October 23, 2012


I must acknowledge,
that it is nothing shy of a curse,
to notice details.

The shape of a hip,
be it male of female.

Exquisite flesh,

and its temperature.

A cuff link,
or a stain on the lapel.

And then there are all the secrets.

Photo: Angiogram of healthy heart

1,260 Beats per Minute

October 16, 2012

Pious as we may be,
for now my heart and I,









we are strangers.

Christmas Goose

October 13, 2012

In December,
when everything was covered in snow,
we smoked and we drank,
safely tucked away.

You would meet me at the train at Landstraße,
take my bag,
and kiss me like the world was ending,
this was also how we would say goodbye.

At your table,
with the fire stoked,
we could have talked until the sun returned,
then you would enter me.

I collected all of the fragments of time,
between the pops and ridges of the gramophone.
I memorized all of the lines in your face,
and the way your eyes changed with my laughter.

Do you remember the vulnerability,
as I sat on your chest and entered you?
When your eyes filled with tears,
love was overwhelming.

You had just returned from work.
It was then,
your mouth smelled like beer,
and I realized it was hopeless.