An Amorphous

January 28, 2013

First the 5th is diminished
It causes me to look West
to where the sun fasts
the Bay is gaping open

Tamer than I have ever been
no longer a young biennial
eventually something is picked
whether it sticks or not is in the aether

So take a moment’s moment
put on a fuzzy record
and something warm to rest
open your heart
have a cup of tea
let the dust settle
I say this to myself.


Data Mining

January 27, 2013

Havana 1976

January 18, 2013

I want to know,
can you keep an orchid alive
why you look so handsome with a drink in your hand

Sometimes words are ugly,
like not remembering when we fucked;
It’s strange that you are sensitive

I have learned not to put out on the first date,
that is, if I think it could be love
learned, efficacious, or something else

The grey in your hair is charming still,
because your skin hasn’t yellowed yet;
Your liver will fail you too,
just like all the rest.

It’s strange that you apologized for waking me
I like your inconsistencies
I like your decadence

and the fullness of your kiss
But please do not be confused Children playing - Oskar Kokoschka

and everything is beautiful.

Otto Muehl, Oh Sensibilidade, 1970

La risacca

January 2, 2013

I examine the way the light enters my window,
first at 7:43,
and then a 10 on the nail.

The whitewashed sound,
of passing cars.

It seems so familiar, but I am alone now,
and my walls are red.

It is hard to imagine it ever getting quieter:


with defeat.

If I could be any word,

just for today,

it would be You.