What you Need is a Good Scrub

May 22, 2014

One day you will turn the knob of an empty faucet. Outside your window, the beautiful brown women, pushing prams of whitefaced others, they will be gone, back tending to the flocks of their own.

You will forget the taste of stone fruit, and dig through your memories for a love of the Sun. All flavors in the world will blend together, into some sort of sad fuzzy grey mound.

But for now it is beach blankets and sundresses by the diminishing lake. It is ephemeral referencing, and a carelessness about death. It is false fullness, eyes that cannot be looked into, and endless endless waste.


Cambodia-Child Soldiers


2 Responses to “What you Need is a Good Scrub”

  1. Another one that hits the mark Laura, uncomfortably lifting the thin veil we’ve woven to hide our way of life from closer examination.

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