Scouring, or Sweping Something Into an Old Bin.

August 3, 2014

Repetition is something I am simultaneously freed and enslaved by I have almost entirely curbed the practice of envy If I am honest with myself I know this will all change again Currently I am existing in a dark stage but it is good I really needed it Largely this is an experiment in self-control I have a lot to think about right now and an innate appreciation for distraction I complicate things by finding too much meaning in them When I was a child I spent a lot of my time alone I can be obsessive when I care for something deeply It is hard for me to kill anything On occasion my morals can be convoluted There is not much I am afraid of I have a propensity for self-sabotage I have a difficult time trusting people I was raised by dishonest people I have a talent for forgiveness Forgiveness is a method of survival It is important to remember as much as possible I am not lonely at all I am sorting something complicated out that exists inside of me It is knotty and tangled tightly and when I get to the bottom of it I will be greatly relieved

Art from, “History of the True Cross”

In a church somewhere in Tuscany.

By: Pierro della Francesca




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